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Usual Services

Below is a list of some of our usual services. At different times of the church year, there will be additional services: you will find these advertised both in the 'rolling news' and in a separate heading under Church Life

Sundays at a Glance

10.30am Morning worship with creche and Junior Church for under 11s. 2nd Sunday each month- All-age family worship 3rd Sunday- Communion- open invitation.

1pm 'Forward in Faith' -Zimbabwean Church Service

Every 5-6 weeks Cafe Church- cafe set-up including great food! If you have never been to church, and want an informal, light taster this is a good session to try!

congregation 2

Sunday Morning & Afternoon Services

Our main service each Sunday is at 10.30am, usually finishing between 11.45 & 12. All ages meet together for the first part of the service after which children can go out for their own activities, and rejoin us just before the end of the service. But for those who prefer or need to, they are also welcome to stay in. We are very child/young person friendly!

Our aim is that all peoples. regardless of age or race, gender or experience, will find some place in our worship where they can truly meet with God.

Our style blends the best of contemporary 21 st century and traditional/ancient woship, using multi-media and interactive experience to help inspire, inform and teach in worship- even if church is very new to you.

At the moment, we have a superb organist, but we also have a piano available and are also keen to invite people with musical gifts to join us.

We also have a singing group, that helps us learn new songs before the main service starts and boosts us during the service.There is tea, coffee, biscuits and a chance to chat afterwards.

 On Sunday afternoons we are delighted to host a lively and prayerful Zimbabwean congregation, Forward in Faith, led by  Rev. Francis Chirombo, who also have prayer meetings during the week.

All Age Service Every Second Sunday Morning

Feet stones

Usually every second Sunday morning of each month we have an All Age Service, designed for everyone to worship together, if you are on your own or with your family, young and more mature.

 All age services are usually intentionally different to the rest of the month- normally more 21st century, often hands on, interactive, fun, lively, perhaps incorporating games & multi-media - though we also encourage times of stillness and seriousness before God, too.

 If you have children normally complaining that  church is "boring", this service might help them relate more easily to  God, the Gospel and church.

Whilst these services are usually on the 2nd Sunday of the month, please check our events list on the Home page and/or in the calendar of events to confirm- sometimes due to other special events, we need to change the All Age to another Sunday.

Communion Services: The Lord's Supper

Communion is celebrated on  the 3rd Sunday morning

Ours is an open invitation, and anyone who knows the Lord Jesus a little and wants to know Him more, is warmly invited to share in the Lord's Supper.

 Minister: Tel. 01332 293213 - Currently Seaking a new Minister Pear Tree Road Baptist, Derby, DE23 6QD 
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