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hearts on fire

Church leaders

About how we run the church:Ministers of this Church are the members of the congregation

Ministers of this Church are the members of the congregation

Our congregation is blessed with many gifted people. God has promised to give the church everything she needs to fulfill her call in the world. Each member has the opportunity to serve and/or lead in a way that honors God and the gifts given them.

As a reformed church we believe in the priesthood of all believers - all are called to serve and all are prepared for that service by the One who calls.  We encourage all people who come regularly to church, and have not already done so, to affirm their faith by baptism, and to make the commitment of joining as members.

Members meet regularly as a body to "discern the mind of Christ" and determine what and how the church operates. Leaders, also called deacons, are elected to help envision, direct and  run the church on a day to day basis. Finally, we have an ordained pastor at the helm, who is trained, equipped and called to help look after, encourage, teach  and enable the church as a whole.

Church Leaders

We have 12 leaders on our current Leadership Team, traditionally called a 'diaconate' together with our moderator.

We are currently seeking a new minister but are supported by our Moderator Rev. Philip Webb,

our Church Secretary - Brenda Moxhay,

Church Treasurer - Ged Carpenter,

Milton Crosdale, Su Crosdale, John Eley, Pauline Eley, Elaine Hudson, Brenda Moxhay, Gail Whitehead, Kevin Whitehead, Jeff Yates, Jess Yates,


 Minister: Tel. 01332 293213 - Currently Seaking a new Minister Pear Tree Road Baptist, Derby, DE23 6QD 
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