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Pear Tree Road Baptist Church is a warm, caring, multi-cultural group of people in the heart of inner-city Derby, passionate about showing and sharing the love of Jesus Christ with everyone of all generations.


We are a long-standing church that has been on its present site since 1903.  We are located in the inner-city, and over time have seen dramatic changes to the area we serve, particularly over the last 5 years.  This community is diverse, multi-cultural, multi-racial, and multi ethnic however, this situation is under represented in our membership and congregation which we seek to redress.  Our typical Sunday morning service attendance is 40-50 people.


We are an active church with well-maintained premises that include a lounge, kitchen and upstairs hall, adjoining rooms as well as a large sanctuary.  A separate part of our premises is leased to the outlook group ‘The Open Centre’ who promote equality and diversity in the area by working with school children as part of raising awareness of multi faith communities and culturally diverse heritage. They also provide the church with a valuable income. Sunday afternoons the sanctuary is used by ‘Forward in Faith’, a Zimbabwean church group.


We have a vision for spiritual and numerical growth and recognise the need for increased visibility in our community. We are at present involved in activities to support this vision including, “The Night Shelter”, where a group of Derby churches, including ourselves provide accommodation for homeless people during the winter months.


Our youth outlook is mainly composed of work by “The Club” a group run by the “Multi Faith Centre” based at the University of Derby, catering mainly for Eastern European young people.  The number of children at Sunday morning service is poor.  We do however recognise the need for church members and the wider church to come together and for children and young people to have a greater engagement with the church family.


Our morning services are largely traditional and this reflects our older members, however we recognise that services in the 21st century must mirror the changing times, to this end we are, led by the spirit, looking to a more innovative, inclusive and Christ centred worship. Where, inspired by the word of God, music and congregational involvement are more to the fore. Our aim is that all people regardless of age or race, gender or experience, will find some place in our worship where they can truly meet with God.


Currently,we are seeking a minister who will provide pastoral care across the whole church family whist encouraging the members to support each other. A minister who understands the needs of young and old alike and can provide spiritual teaching and leadership as we look towards the opportunities of the 21st century. A minister who can lead the church into more effective ministry both congregationally, in the local area and in the wider community.



 Minister: Tel. 01332 293213 - Currently Seaking a new Minister Pear Tree Road Baptist, Derby, DE23 6QD 
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