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hearts on fire


Easter and Holy Week - each year Volunteers are needed

The journey towards Easter is a very specially significant time in the church. To help people experience the most possible in this deeply spiritual time, we call on those who would like to contribute to the planning and executing of our' services and 'experiences', Are you creative? Do you have a deep passion for sharing the  Scriptures in new, possibly innovative ways?

Then please consider joining the Easter Planning Team! This is a church where every person is a minister......

Looking to Easter

Easter is a time of discovery and awareness that we share in the renewing of the seasons Looking to Easter and new life is what makes us christians

Easter starts on Good Friday with our morning service at 10.30am

This continues with a special service on Easter Sunday delivered by our Drama Group giving us a different view of the crucifixion


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 Minister: Tel. 01332 293213 - Currently Seaking a new Minister Pear Tree Road Baptist, Derby, DE23 6QD 
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